Its me isa ♥
Hey guys. i'm isa at first i'm a proud Jesus Follower♥. I love to live, sing, play the piano, laugh, eat salads, i like fruits, chocolates and that stuff no healthy enough. Love the sunshine on winter, love winter. I like opera, alternative music. If I could be another thing instead of systems engineer I would love to be a worship leader. Cheers and too much love buddies=*

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Happy Birthday Queen Delevingne💗
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I should have this outfit!
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soooo handsome♥
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me always
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Birdy ❤️❤️
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gorgeous birdy♥
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Just please.
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We will miss you the hound! F*ck You.
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a dream come true ♥.♥
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I♥My Dad, happy father´s day!
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reasons to watch the fifa world cup ♥ Griezmann, viva la france!
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Enjoy while you can!
"Not everyone you lose is a loss."  -

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A beautiful undeserverd exchange, Thank You Jesus!💕